3 Classy Products To Keep Your Canine Cosy | Pet Prestige UK

3 Classy Products To Keep Your Canine Cosy | Pet Prestige UK

3 Classy Products to Keep Your Canine Cosy

Comfort at home is crucial for the emotional well-being of your canine. But that doesn’t mean keeping them cosy needs to encroach on the style of your shared sanctuaryPet Prestige UK carries a variety of dog furniture that fits in with almost any interior design. Whether you’re in the market for a warm dog bed, a hooded dog bed, dog feeding bowls, or something else that will provide your pooch with the safe, welcoming environment they deserve, chances are you’ll find it at our online store made with the touch of class that you deserve.

A Cosy (and Classy), Warm Dog Bed

There’s nothing like a warm dog bed to make your best friend feel comfortable and safe at home. We have a beautiful collection of modern dog beds from some of the world’s best brandsincluding our own! The hooded dog bed and cave bed listed below make perfect cosy spaces for dogs and especially if they are often spooked by thunderstorms or loud noises.

1. The Hideaway Hooded Dog Bed

The Hideaway Hooded Dog Bed is made by us at Pet Prestige UK and we are very proud of its design and features. Modern and luxurious, this warm dog bed offers your pet some privacy with its hood filled with durable and insulating square foam crumb filling. The hood is removable via zipper, too, allowing you to use it as a comfy cushion when preferred. With its gorgeous, velvet fabric and square shape, this hooded dog bed will fit in most corners and bring some class with it.

2. Collared Creatures Deluxe Comfort Cocoon Dog Cave Bed

Your dog may find some comfort deep down in its ancient heritage with one of these Deluxe Dog Cave beds from Collared Creatures. The Sapphire Blue Quilted Velour model adds a pop of colour to any room and thick, cosy padding for your canine. This model is also available in pink and other colours—which they may not be able to see—that you and your guests will love! 

Dog Feeding Bowls

No one is cosy without being first well-fed. Give your dog a dish to eat out of worthy of his station and your home with one of our stylish and durable dog feeding bowls.

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