2 Dog Beds That’ll Have Your Doggie Dozing Off | Pet Prestige UK

2 Dog Beds That’ll Have Your Doggie Dozing Off | Pet Prestige UK

A Good Night Sleep: 2 Dog Beds that will Have your Doggie Dozing Off Right

Providing a calming dog bed that helps lull your canine to sleep is one of the things they will appreciate most from you. Dogs of all ages can experience heightened anxiety at nighttime when the lights go out and you disappear under the covers. We have several deluxe options at Pet Prestige UK to make them comfortable and doze right off with you, but two types of them deserve special attention: the cave dog bed and memory foam dog bed. Find out why these are so popular with our furry friends below.

The Cave Dog Bed

Much like you would imagine, a cave dog bed is those with some form of an extra layer of material spreading over the top. A cave dog bed can give your pooch added comfort and coziness by blocking stray light from entering and keeping heat from escaping. If your canine gets anxious from loud noises and thunderstorms, a cave dog bed will also provide them a place to escape where they feel safer. 

You’ll find all of our beds matching that description on our Luxury Cave, Cocoon, Hooded Dog Beds page. We have sheltered dog beds made from some of the most respected brands, as well as our very own Pet Prestige Hideaway Dog Bed. The hood is removable on the Hideaway, and the bed itself is dual-sided making it two beds in one! Spray cotton pads under the soft velvet fabric of this calming dog bed provide extra comfort that soothes and regulates your dog’s temperature. The Hideaway is sure to make them doze off quickly. 

Memory Foam Dog Bed

Another option we have at Pet Prestige UK that dogs just can’t resist falling asleep on is a memory foam dog bed. We have a large selection of these to choose from on our Memory Foam Dog Beds page.

It’s hard to choose one memory foam dog bed out of such a great variety, but an exceedingly popular choice is the Ultima Luxury Memory Foam Sleeper Pet Bed. You can get one in either a medium or large size, as well as two colour options: grey or beige/brown. This memory foam dog bed has a plush 10cm of memory foam padding, as well as a removable cover for easy care.

And if you have an older dog that is having difficulty dozing off because of joint and muscle pain, consider the Scruffs® Chateau Memory Foam Orthopaedic Box Dog Bed. This is a calming dog bed suited for most breeds of dogs of advanced age, with plenty of memory foam padding underneath and on the sides to give them the comfort and support they need.

Doggy Dreams Come True At Pet Prestige UK

A cave dog bed offers the comfort of an overhead shelter to keep warmth in and perceived threats out. A memory foam dog bed has superior cushioning that lulls even the most energetic or aching dogs to sleep. You’re sure to find the perfect calming dog bed when searching in these two categories specifically, or you can find many other types at the Pet Prestige UK Online Store.

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