The low-down on getting a NEW Dog - what you need to know

The low-down on getting a NEW Dog - what you need to know

Bringing a new dog into your home and family is a big deal. It’s exciting, fun and is the start of a relationship that will hopefully last for years and years – whether it’s a fresh-faced new puppy or a senior pooch.

But there’s also an awful lot to think about before you find the dog of your dreams – to help you out, we’ve come up with this quick guide to what you should know before you take the plunge:

Choose the right breed for you and your home

Some dogs are loud. Some are laid back introverts. Others need constant mental stimulation. Others yet are balls of energy.

It’s essential you find the right breed for you – something that matches your personality, how much time you have to give attention and how big your home is. Put some research online – here’s an excellent guide from the Kennel Club to help you out.

Choose whether to buy or go for a rescue

The great ‘buy or adopt’ debate has raged for years and it’s a tough one. On the one hand, there are tens of thousands of abandoned dogs that desperately need a loving home, but on the other, buying a dog is often a smoother option, especially for those who have less experience with owning a pooch.

As with choosing the right breed, this is all about doing you research to see which is right for you. Here’s another handy resource for you to make your decision.

Get your home prepped

New dogs, new you. It’s a vital step to look at your home and get it ready and set for your new furry friend. You’ll need to stock up on things that’ll make the new pup feel right at home straightaway.

First thing’s first, get a bed. Could be a luxury dog bed, a cave dog bed, a donut dog bed or a hideaway dog bed – whatever floats your and your new dog’s respective boats. Then grab yourself a set of dog bowls, a leash, and of course, a whole box of toys and treats.

Talk to your kids

If you have children, your new dog is going to be very popular. Most dogs are great with kids, but there are definitely some ground rules you’ll need to set ahead of time.

Sit down with your children and make sure they understand the responsibilities of dog ownership. Better yet, have them do some research online themselves to get up-to-date with how they should treat the new addition.

Consider lining up a dog trainer

If you’re getting a puppy or a young dog, they will almost certainly need a bit of training to get them behaving well. This is where you need to decide whether you’ll do the training yourself, or whether you’ll bring in the professional.

Naturally having a dog trainer is an expense, but it can set your dog up for life with the right training that will make owning and living with them a breeze. The Dogs Trust is an especially good place, with a 4-week course that can be a big help – find more information here.

There’s a lot to look forward to with owning a new dog. If you’ve got all of the above covered, you’ll be just about set!

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