FatFace Luxury Slumber Box Dog Bed

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The New Danish Design Pet Bed collection in partnership with FatFace, is a range of stunning pet beds that not only look great and are comfy but have a positive impact on our natural environment, people and local communities. Made fully in the UK, the whole collection is filled with 100% recycled fibre, made from plastic bottles. 

You are looking at The Luxury Slumber Pet Bed

The Prints:

 This quirky dogs print design is printed on 100% cotton and paired with a soft grey sherpa fleece, which is knitted in the UK from 100% recycled fibres.

 Two beautiful FatFace prints featuring birds, paired together to create a fresh design and both printed on 100% cotton.

 A warming winter check design, featuring a penguin motif, in classic navy with plum and raspberry tones to add a pop of colour. Printed on 100% brushed cotton for a super-soft feel.


45cm - 18"
61cm - 24"
76cm - 30"
89cm - 35"
101cm - 40"

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