Collared Creatures - Perfectly Practical Dog Drying Coat - Available in 3 Colours


The Dog Drying Coat from Collared Creatures is great for drying your dog and keeping them warm, in the most practical way possible.

The most practically functional coat yet, designed with you and your dog in mind.

The Perfectly Practical Dog Drying Coat is double in thickness and made of a high-quality quick-drying, 358gsm microfiber cotton toweling inner and a 300gsm fleece outer.

The coats are ideal for drying your dogs after bathing, walking, and swimming. All your dog drying difficulties made easy, no more struggling with towels and splashing mud everywhere. Not only do they help dry your dog quicker, but they also keep them warm and safe. 

These cosy drying coats are packed with many features; there is a waterproof zip to the front to allow for dogs with a wider girth neck. Not only that, when fully zipped down the complete fleece collar can be folded back to allow for my breathability once your dog’s warming up. At the Rear of the neck, you will find a hole for attaching leads, perfect for walks and getting them out of the car. 

  • Convenient hole for swift lead attachment, allowing you to secure your dog safely, immediately after putting their coat on. Also perfect for removing muddy dogs from the car after a long walk.
  • Waterproof Front Neck Zip to increase breathability once the dog is dry. Neck zip can be fully unzipped and flexible fleece collar rolled backward (Waterproof zip also allows for wider girth necks).
  • Optional Soft Rear Leg Elastic Straps for creating an all-around snugger fit works in unison with Velcro straps to provide your dog with the Snuggest fit possible while drying.
  • Hard-wearing heavy-duty hook and loop Velcro strap have been extended to provide more of a full-body coverage than previous versions. This Guarantees to get your dog dry no matter what the weather *(See Washing Guidance for more instructions)
  • 358gsm microfiber cotton toweling inner and a 300gsm fleece outer.
  • Machine Washable and low heat Tumble dry *(see washing Guidance for more instructions)
  • Inside Loop for hanging up
Extra Small 35cm 38cm toy breedsJack Russell, Bichon Frise, Shih Tzu
Small 40cm 49cm toy breedsJack Russell, Bichon Frise, Shih Tzu
Medium 48cm 61cm Cocker Spaniel, Border Terrier, Westie
Large 60cm 77cm Vizsla, Springer Spaniel, Pointer, Border Collie, Dalmation,
Extra Large 70cm 86cm Golden Retriever, Large labs, Rottweiler Gsd
XXL 90cm 93 Bernese Mountain Dog, Newfoundland, Great Dane

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