Collared Creatures - Grey Luxury Dog Cave Bed - Removable Hood


**** Please note the inside of the bed is not the plain grey Teddy Fur as shown in some of the photos its the plush faux two-tone fur fabric ****

The Collared Creatures Luxury Dog Cave Bed has been redesigned with a plush new two-tone inner fabric,  a hood that zips off so the bed can be used as a flatbed in the warmer months and has a more rigid hood, with a removable piece of foam that is inserted into the hood. made from a very heavy grade upholstery material on the outside and a very thick and luxurious faux fur fabric inside  This material gives a more modern look while adding durability and longevity to the bed.

  • Extra thick upholstery-grade Grey polyester blend material on the outer hood
  • Luxurious Hard-wearing double-sided Teddy fur that is exceedingly soft but durable
  • Fully machine washable outer for maximum convenience
  • Perfect For those dogs who snuggle, pinch blankets, sneak into bed and hijack the sofa.
The details

The Collared Creatures Cave Bed In Grey Is great for snuggling and super pleasing to the eye.

True Style & comfort for your dog and your home!

The luxury Grey Cave Bed Is made from only the highest quality handpicked fabrics. The Outer is a Grey upholstery material that creates a hardwearing hood while still looking attractive. The Internal of the Cave Bed is lined with a Luxury plush faux Fur two-tone Fabric. Soft to the touch but made to last. 

Collared Creatures cave beds also feature a removable rod to give it a raised arch,a hood that zips off so the bed can be used as a flatbed in the warmer months, and the hood is more rigid, it has a removable piece of foam in the hood and this is to make it easier for your dog to enter the cave. The bed can be used in two ways and you will find that some dogs prefer to enter the bed themselves and see the raising of the hood as a fun little game. It is also common that many dogs prefer to use the hood as a blanket so that they can be engulfed in blissful comfort.

Our Cave beds have a piece of tubing in the hood You will find a small zip at the bottom of the arch to access the removable tubing if necessary. The Cave bed is guaranteed to keep your dog warm and safe even on the coldest of nights.

Washing instructions

The tubing in the hood must be removed before washing and reinserted after it is dried. Washing cover with tubing may cause the cover to tear. 

Bed Sizes

Small 65cm Diameter
Medium 80cm Diameter
Large 98cm Diameter
Extra Large 114cm Diameter


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