Collared Creatures - Luxury Beige Snuggle Sack / Sleeping Sack Dog Bed


** Please check measurements and sizes before ordering **

Wouldn’t you just love to climb into a beautifully designed bed that is built to provide ultimate comfort and just fall into a blissful slumber, then waking up to your cheeks brush against the luxuriously soft faux fur cover? Sounds amazing right.

The Luxury Snuggle sack or Snuggle bed is perfect for just about all dogs. It’s especially popular with those who like to burrow and bury themselves into just about anything or get wrapped up under your blankets and duvets. The Snuggle Sack is intended to keep your dog feeling safe, warm and comfortable, their own place to retreat too for a deserved rest. The all-around hood provides great coverage creating a feeling for your dog that can’t be achieved by open beds. The beds have a real luxury look and feel and would look great in any home. Excellent for burrowing pets. Made in a grey wool mix exterior with a contrasting double sided luxurious faux fur interior. A removable machine washable cover and spring-wound Channelled poly-filled pillow.
  • Upholstery-grade fabrics providing you with a luxury bed that is soft to touch and       built to last.
  • Enticing Faux-Fur Fleece inner - soft, dreamy and warm.
  • Uniquely Channelled polyester fibre pillow to help maintain an evenly distributed         surface to keep your dog comfortable for longer
  • Fully machine washable outer for maximum convenience
  • Perfect For those dogs who snuggle, pinch blankets, sneak into bed and hijack the sofa.
  • Waterproof Liners available
    Bed Sizes
    If you are unsure about sizes please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Small 65cm x 65cm - Suitable for all small breed dogs, cats
    Medium 85cm x 75cm 
    Large 105cm x 90cm 
    Extra Large 133cm  x 90cm 
    Extra Extra Large 200cm x 100cm

    Before ordering, please measure your current bed and compare the sizes.

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