Collared Creatures - Luxury Brown Faux Fur Cave Bed Dog Blanket


A luxurious, soft but weighty blanket that is the height of comfort and style for your dog and home. The Blanket has been designed in 4 sizes so it fits into all the Luxury Cave Dog beds and are perfect for keeping the bed clean and prolonging the time between washes of the bed cover

The luxury faux-fur cave bed blanket is made from an unbelievably soft but durable double layer of Faux Fur which is quilted and has beautifully finished piped edges.

The faux fur coordinates with our luxury range of dog beds making it a perfect accessory for any room for both you and your dog to use.
And as with everything Collared Creatures make, our Dog Blankets wash perfectly every time.

Blanket Sizes

Small:-          65cm Dia
Medium:-     80cm Dia
Large:-         98cm Dia
XLarge:-       114cm Dia

** Matches Luxury Cave Dog Bed **

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