Collared Creatures Beds 60cm Diameter Collared Creatures Pink Quilted Velour Deluxe Comfort Cocoon Dog Cave Bed
Collared Creatures Beds Collared Creatures Pink Quilted Velour Deluxe Comfort Cocoon Dog Cave Bed
Collared Creatures Beds Collared Creatures Pink Quilted Velour Deluxe Comfort Cocoon Dog Cave Bed

Collared Creatures Pink Quilted Velour Deluxe Comfort Cocoon Dog Cave Bed

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The luxury Collared Creatures Pink quilted Velour Deluxe Comfort Cocoon Dog Cave Bed

  • High Quality Quilted Velour, upholstery grade fabric covering the whole bed. Quilting the fabric has the added benefit of strengthening it due to the 2nd layer of fabric on the reverse
  • Thick padded bolster pillow
  • Fully machine washable outer for maximum convenience
  • Perfect For those dogs who snuggle, pinch blankets, sneak into bed and hijack the sofa.
  • New and improved design. The Hood has a removable foam piece which creates a hardened external shell

The details

The Collared Creatures Deluxe Cocoon Cave Bed Is a Collared Creatures exclusive design, you won't find these beds anywhere else.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          True Style & comfort for your dog and your living room!

We design all our dog beds and select our fabrics with the intention of creating beds to complement the home.

The Luxury quilted  Deluxe Comfort Cocoon Dog Cave Bed is known for its thick tubular bolster pillow that creates a ring of supported comfort to engulf our dog in a blissful comfort giving them their very own sanctuary. This bed has had every component handpicked to provide you with the best quality fabrics and inserts. The Outer is a polyester upholstery-grade material that creates a hard-wearing hood while still looking attractive. 

In true collared creatures style, we have made more improvements on the previous model, Our hood now comes with a removable piece of foam that creates a hardened external structure and firm igloo type look. Another addition to the Deluxe cocoon is a removable + Reversible 10 cm solid foam pillow, this essentially can act as a separate bed and is easily removed. The Deluxe cocoon comes with a removable tube, to act as an aid for your dog entering the bed.

This Bed can be used as described above but can also be utilised as a flat hooded cocoon, giving you multiples ways of letting your dog enjoy their well-deserved rest.

The Deluxe Cocoon Cave bed is not only beautifully comfortable it’s also hard-wearing and practical.

Washing instructions

The tubing in the hood must be removed before washing and reinserted after it is dried. (30 Deg Wash) Washing the cover with tubing may cause the cover to tear. (see washing instructions for more info)

Putting the bed together 

Due to size restrictions with couriers the beds are supplied unassembled, there are 4 parts, the outer cover, the foam base, the foam for the hood, and a ply-able hoop to be inserted via a zip on the outer cover.

The easiest way to assemble is 

1: lay the outer cover on a flat surface with the inside of the hood facing you

2: unzip the hood zip and insert the foam into the hood, it is a very snug fit as it needs to hold the hood up, it may take a bit of manoeuvring to get it Into the correct position, the straight edge should be on the rim of the hood,  push it into the seams at the back of the hood.

3:turn the cover over and push the foam into the base of the bed.

4: Insert the hoop into the side of the hood via the zip. 

Bed Sizes

If you are unsure about sizes please do not hesitate to contact us we would be happy to help.

Small 60cm Outer Diameter, internal sleeping area 40cm

Medium 85cm Outer Diameter, internal sleep area 58cm

Large 100cm Outer Diameter, internal sleep area 72cm

Extra Large 125cm Outer Diameter, internal sleep area 90cm


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