How to choose the best-shaped dog bed for your pet?

How to choose the best-shaped dog bed for your pet?

Dogs are big on sleeping.

When they aren’t bouncing off the walls or smothering you with affection, your dog will spend a lot of their life snoozing, napping, relaxing and catching forty winks here, there and everywhere.

Because of this, it’s very important that you give your pooch its very own bed where it can retreat to and dream the night (or day) away.

But it’s just as important to make sure that that dog bed is the right shape and size for your best furry friend. In this Paw blog, we’re going to talk about how to choose the right shaped luxury dog bed for your dog, and how different options can suit different kinds of pups.


Choosing the right shape

Like dogs, dog beds come in a number of different shapes. Choosing one is all about finding the bed that suits your dog’s shape the best. Here are some common types of dog bed that you might want to consider:

Round dog bed – Shaped like a circle, round dog beds are a must for smaller dogs that like to circle around their bed before curling up in a ball to sleep. They’re cosy and comfy, though they might not suit larger breeds of dogs who need the extra room for their limbs.

Rectangular dog bed – Longer and with a bit more space to stretch, rectangular dog beds are great for longer-limbed pooches who want to lounge and lollop. These are also great for older dogs whose legs can no longer curl like they used to.

Square dog bed – These square dog divans are similar to their longer rectangular counterparts, but they’re more of a small dog bed option, designed for smaller pups. They’ll also take up a little less room than rectangular beds – always a plus.

Cave dog bed – With a roof over their head, these hooded dog bed options are great for nervous dogs that like to burrow away from the outside world, giving them a little hideaway to get the maximum peace and quiet for some much-deserved shut-eye

Before you make your choice, always be sure to carefully research your options, so that you can be sure that the bed you get is the right one for your dog.

Introducing the Hideaway Cushion

The Hideaway Cushion is the latest top-quality luxury pet bed from Pet Prestige.

With a modern square shape and a memory foam filling, this removable hood dog bed treats your pup to unparalleled luxury. Featuring a reversible foam cushion, tough upholstery that goes the distance, and a pampered luxury finish, the Hideaway Cushion comes in three different sizes for dogs of all different proportions!

Buy your Hideaway Cushion today on our website, and for more luxury dog bed tips and guides, stay tuned to the Pet Prestige Paw blog!


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