Rope Tree Cat Scratcher Post

The elegant Gor Pets Rope Tree Cat Scratcher Post provides tons of guaranteed fun and is designed to fulfil your cat’s natural playing instincts. The Gor Pets Rope Tree Cat Scratcher Post is made with premium quality materials to withstand all of your cats needs of play, encouraging batting, pawing, chasing and catching. There are three levels, a hole to play through and a rope to bat at, it will keep cats amused for hours.

It’s made using quality tubing wrapped with sisal rope, ideal for regular scratching to keep claws trim and help prevent boredom and destructive behaviour around the home.  It also features a fun filled hanging rope, encouraging your cat to bat the rope around, playing with it’s prey.  Your cat will also get tons of amusement from trying to climb up and down the rope, enhancing play and providing the ultimate play centre for cats of all sizes.

Designed with two platforms for your cat to perch upon during and after play, the Gor Pets Rope Tree Cat Scratcher helps keep your cat happy, healthy, fit and active. 

Key Features:

  • Designed for a quick and easy build
  • With an elegant design packed with features
  • Made with soft, fluffy and furry outer fabrics to ensure comfort and softness
  • With three levels providing tons of active fun
  • With a hanging rope for your cat to bat and climb
  • With quality tubing wrapped in sisal rope, providing an ideal place for your cat to scratch instead of your furniture!
  • Helps prevent boredom, keeping cats amused for hours
  • Simple yet stylish colouring, ideal for any home
  • Height: 82cm
  • Colour: Brown

Approximate measurements: 82cm tall.

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