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Bowl & Bone - MIDI - Luxury Dog Treat Bag & Poop Bag Holder - 4 Colours

We know very well that walking and playing outdoors is a real joy for dogs! Usually, the slogan “walk” evokes joyful tail’s wagging and waiting at the exit door. Having such moments in mind we now offer the MIDI Dog Treat Bag which will make your walking experience even more pleasant.

MIDI Dog treat pouches can be quickly and easily attached to the belt loop or the pocket. You can always have treats placed inside it, which definitely facilitates the organisation of every stroll.

There will also be a place for poop bags. After all, taking care of cleanliness is a very important issue, regardless of whether you are a guardian of a chihuahua, Maltese, yorshire terrier, pug, Italian greyhound, miniature poodle, schnauzer, jack russel terrier, labrador, dalmatian, basset or any other dog breed representative.

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